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When ChatGPT encounters Python

  • Have you ever been troubled by Python being easy to use but slow to run?

  • Have you ever been troubled by the lack of a good Python integrated development environment for computers with domestic processors?

  • Have you ever been troubled by learning MATLAB for free?

  • Why bother learning a strange language/expression again? Python will have a better future!

    PerfXPy makes Python programming and development easier, giving Python applications excellent performance and helping you solve all problems at once. We sincerely invite more open-source hardware partners, chip companies, research institutions, and universities to provide trial, feedback, and support. Communication and Contact: [email protected]

PerfXPy White Paper Introduction and Download. - Screenshot of PerfXPy Cluster Version - Screenshot of PerfXPy runtime interface - Full file download: Link:
Extract code: v61c Alternatively, scan the QR code: Conclusion A Jun>Title Party! Where is ChatGPT? PerfXPY>Python has been widely used in the training and reasoning of artificial intelligence, including ChatGPT. Python is also being used by developers to interface with the ChatGPT API interface for application development. PerfXPY>The main cost of ChatGPT in the future is computing power, and PerfXPy is best at squeezing out every GFLOPS of hardware to reduce usage costs. A Jun>I heard that the United States has released the latest sanctions list today. Aren't you worried? My goal is to internationalize and establish international influence. For example, PerfXPy also supports Apple's ARM processor and x86 platform. My predecessor OpenBLAS has become a world-class open source project with 40000 downloads per month, and even more downloads outside of China than in China. This is my role model to learn from! PerfXPY>Come and invite to join the "High Performance Computing Software Hardware Integration Ecology" WeChat group discussion!

PerfXLab, whose core team comes from the Chinese Academy of Sciences, is committed to the research and development of computing software stack technology, focusing on three major fields: HPC, AI, and RISC-V.


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