PerfXLab is committed to the research and development of computing software stack technology, focusing on the three major fields of HPC, AI, and RISC-V. The world's leading provider of accelerated computer technology solutions, enabling computing chips, scientific computing and high-performance computing application software companies. PerfXLab has ten years of technical accumulation in the field of high-performance computing, and is committed to the research and development of computing power basic software. Even in the era when the computing technology system is dominated by international giants, it still insists on the software development of the underlying and basic technologies, Because we firmly believe that China must build an independent and controllable computing technology system. Computing hardware technology and computing power basic software are the infrastructure of the new generation of information technology. Today, we have accumulated a lot and are actively working with major domestic computing hardware partners to meet the challenges of the new generation of computing technology.

PerfXPy Release: Python Integrated Development Platform

preface PerfXPy is independently developed by PerfXLab, integrating the company's core technologies PerfMPL (mathematical computing library) and PerfXAPI (heterogeneous computing software stack), which makes Python applications have excellent performance. The research and development process has received strong support from the Institute of ubiquitous network and urban computing at Qingdao University, and we would like to express our sincere gratitude here. PerfXPy has adopted some open source projects (which comply with the open source agreement license), making the system highly scalable. We sincerely thank countless open source contributors here. PerfXPy has received strong support from many industry partners, including computing chip companies, research institutions, etc. Here, we express our sincere gratitude to them. (Due to the newly added entity list released in the United States on March 2, 2023, the company name has been omitted. Please take care.) PerfXPy is currently version 1.0 and requires continuous improvement and iteration. We sincerely invite more open-source hardware partners, chip companies, research institutions, and universities to provide trial, feedback, and support. Communication and contact information: [email protected] 。 - White Paper Summary and Download Method - Screenshot of PerfXPy Cluster Version - Screenshot of PerfXPy runtime interface - Full file download: Link:
Extract code: v61c Alternatively, scan the QR code: Conclusion Many friends have said to us, 'Is this a domestically produced MATLAB?' and 'Why doesn't your company just make domestically produced MATLAB?' After thinking for a long time, until PerfXPy's white paper was released, I finally figured out how to introduce it to the public: 1. PerfXPy is not about domestic MATLAB, and MATLAB is not an insurmountable mountain. We hope to eventually surpass MATLAB. 2. We do not aspire to achieve this goal within a year or two. We hope that everyone can provide support and encouragement, and if we work hard, we will definitely achieve this goal. - Invite to join the WeChat group discussion on "High Performance Computing Software Hardware Integration Ecology"

PerfXLab, whose core team comes from the Chinese Academy of Sciences, is committed to the research and development of computing software stack technology, focusing on three major fields: HPC, AI, and RISC-V.


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