PerfXLab is committed to the research and development of computing software stack technology, focusing on the three major fields of HPC, AI, and RISC-V. The world's leading provider of accelerated computer technology solutions, enabling computing chips, scientific computing and high-performance computing application software companies. PerfXLab has ten years of technical accumulation in the field of high-performance computing, and is committed to the research and development of computing power basic software. Even in the era when the computing technology system is dominated by international giants, it still insists on the software development of the underlying and basic technologies, Because we firmly believe that China must build an independent and controllable computing technology system. Computing hardware technology and computing power basic software are the infrastructure of the new generation of information technology. Today, we have accumulated a lot and are actively working with major domestic computing hardware partners to meet the challenges of the new generation of computing technology.

2023 is the first year of RISC-V

I remember in an interview in 2020, I once said that in order for RISC-V to become one of the three major instruction sets on par with x86 and ARM, it must gain a position in cloud computing and high-performance computing. Today, it can be said that RISC-V has sounded the horn of "advancing towards cloud computing and high-performance computing". In this field, RISC-V's Chinese innovation forces can proudly say, "We have achieved a world leading position. Through the 2022 Alliance Conference of the China Open Instruction Ecology (RISC-V) Alliance, Caltech has launched a major announcement:

RISC-V 64cores high-performance processor, SG2042 has been mass-produced (Caltech) RISC-V 64cores Developer Workstation, released in April (Wanmos) RISC-V 4X64cores 1U high-density computing server, released in June (PerfXLab&Western Research Institute)*

The arrival of this moment is inseparable from the joint efforts of RISC-V institutions, enterprises, communities, and enthusiasts around the world: Caltech, Pingtouge, PerfXLab, Western Research Institute WIAT, CRVA, ISCAS, OpenBLAS, PLCT, Fedora, Zhaosong, Shanda Intelligent Research Institute, openEuler, and many other open-source enthusiasts. It also demonstrates the powerful power of the open source ecosystem to change the world.

This news abstract from 2022 can be ignored: a research team from the University of Bologna and CINECA (Italy's largest supercomputing center) has been researching and developing the RISC-V supercomputer. The new ISA designed by the team recently has demonstrated the ability to run high-performance computing, laying the foundation for building supercomputing. The team used SiFive's Freedom U740 SoC as the foundation, and the researchers named their RISC-V cluster 'Monte Cine'.

  • China Open Instruction Ecology (RISC-V) Alliance · 2022 Alliance Conference Host:Vice Director of the Institute of Computing, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Secretary General of the China Open Instruction Ecology (RISC-V) Alliance, and Researcher Bao Yungang, Chief Scientist of the Beijing Open Source Chip Research Institute
  • Share the PPT of Lu Jinian's speech on "Caltech" below. Not only did you speak well, but what's important is that you have a real guy.
  • PerfXLab, as a leading enterprise in China's computing software infrastructure, won the Ecological Contribution Award at this conference. Dr. Zhang Xianyi (first from right), the founder and CEO of the company, took the stage to receive the award.
  • In 2023, we will carry out online and offline activities around high-performance computing software stacks. We sincerely invite your attention and participation.

PerfXLab, whose core team comes from the Chinese Academy of Sciences, is committed to the research and development of computing software stack technology, focusing on three major fields: HPC, AI, and RISC-V.


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