PerfXLab (Beijing) Ltd. was established in 2016, the company is committed to the technical research and development in the field of computing software stack technology. We have established deep cooperation with domestic outstanding computing hardware companies (Huawei, Suiyuan, Haiguang, Ali Pingtouge, etc.) and research institutes to jointly promote the construction of a "new infrastructure" for advanced computing technology. On the other hand, the self-developed PerfXAPI heterogeneous computing software stack is enabling scientific research and revolutionary innovative applications in the industry.

Top Supervisor in Technology

Zhang Xianyi. He graduated from Beijing University of Technology, Ph.D. from the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and has done postdoctoral research at UT Austin and MIT. He is the initiator and main maintainer of OpenBLAS, an internationally renowned open source matrix computing project. He received the Second Prize of Science and Technology of the Chinese Computer Society in 2016, the Outstanding Scientific and Technological Achievement Award of the Chinese Academy of Sciences in 2017, and the Best Paper Award from SIAM Activity Group on Supercomputing in 2020.

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Xianyi Zhang [email protected] 13466545921
Junhui Wang [email protected] 13510090675

Company Address

Building 9, Yard 55, Haidian, Zique Road, Beijing, China
Room 511, DoBe, Yuelu District, Changsha, China

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